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Soaking salt vials - bee detoxified bath salts

Soaking salt vials - bee detoxified bath salts

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Bath and Body Style

We are excited to see that you are wondering what all the BUZZ is about. Bee detoxified with these assorted soaking salt vials. Each vial is clinical grade class and cork stoppered.

To use, pour the entire vial of the soaking salts into the provided mesh pouch found inside the glass tube. Tie it up and drop it in the tub. Leave pouch in the tub as the salts dissolve to create an amazing bath. Once you're done bathing, throw the pouch away. Enjoy your bath!

Six types of Soaking Salt Vials are available.

Bee Invigorated

Contains Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, dried Hibiscus flower, Rose clay, bee pollen, pink grapefruit essential oils.

Bee Energized

Contains Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts, dried Calendula flower, dried Peppermint leaf, bee pollen, sweet orange and peppermint essential oils.

Bee Restored

Contains Black Hawaiian sea salt, dried rose petal, bee pollen, jasmine and rose absolute essential oils.

Bee Detoxified

Contains Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts, dried lavender petal, dried peppermint leaf, bentonite clay, bee pollen, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Bee Clear Minded

Contains Dead Sea salt, black Hawaiian sea salt, dried rose petal, bee pollen, lemon and lime essential oils.

Bee Well

Contains French Gray sea salt, Dead Sea salt, dried echinacea, French green clay, bee pollen, and Eucalyptus essential oil.

Ingredients detail

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt
all-natural Pacific Ocean sea salt with activated charcoal from coconut shells
- detoxifies
- treats acne and oily skin

Dead Sea Salt
harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel
- rich mineral composition
- hydrates
- cleanses and disinfects
- exfoliates
- heals chronic skin conditions
- calms arthritis
- soothes sore muscles
- reduces skin roughness

Epsom Salt
magnesium sulfate
- relieves pain & muscle cramps
- eliminates toxins from the body

French Grey Sea Salt
harvested by hand from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guerande region of France
- balances out minerals in the body
- helps reduce water retention
- reduces acid levels in the body
- immune booster

Pink Himalayan Salt
salt found naturally in the Himalayan Mountains
- antibacterial
- anti-inflammatory
- air purifier
- balances body’s pH levels
- sleep inducer

Dried Calendula Flower
- hydrates
- heals
- anti-inflammatory
- calms muscles
- anti-microbial

Dried Echinacea
from the North American coneflower
- supports healthy immune system
- alleviates pain
- anti-inflammatory
- improves mental health

Dried Hibiscus Flower
- antioxidant
- mood booster
- anti-inflammatory
- tightens skin
- moisturizes
- exfoliates

Dried Lavender Petals
- relieves stress
- anti-inflammatory
- prevents infection

Dried Peppermint Leaf
- relaxes muscles
- antibacterial

Dried Rose Petals
- moisturizes
- anti-inflammatory
- promotes glowing skin
- boosts collagen production
- strengthens skin cells & tissues
- antibacterial

Bee Pollen
- anti-aging
- antioxidant
- hydrates

Bentonite Clay
composed of aged volcanic ash
- removes toxins
- provides minerals
- softens skin

French Green Clay
quarry mined from naturally occurring deposits in France
- absorbs impurities
- tones skin
- tightens pores

Rose Clay
naturally occurring clay with kaolinite as its principal constituent
- exfoliates
- hydrates
- tightens pores
- prevents wrinkles
- purges impurities
- anti-inflammatory

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
obtained from fresh leaves of the tall evergreen eucalyptus tree mainly found in Australia
- heals
- treats mental exhaustion
- relieves muscle pain
- treats respiratory problems

Jasmine Essential Oil
derived from the jasmine flower
- anti-inflammatory
- antibacterial
- energy booster

Lavender Essential Oil
oil extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant
- anti-inflammatory
- improves circulation
- relieves muscle pain

Lemon Essential Oil
cold-pressed from lemon peel
- nourishes
- purifies and cleanses
- invigorates
- relieves muscle pain
- helps to clear oily skin

Lime Essential Oil
cold-pressed from lime peel
- invigorates
- relieves muscle pain
- helps to clear oily skin

Peppermint Essential Oil
steam distilled from the fresh aerial parts of the flowering plant
- boosts energy
- antimicrobial properties
- reduces stomach aches
- relieves headaches
- releases tight muscles

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil
oil extracted from the citrus fruit’s peel
- antioxidant
- anti-inflammatory
- antibacterial
- cleanses
- stress fighter
- circulation booster
- energizes

Rose Absolute Essential Oil
steam distilled from rose petals
- anti-depressant
- tones and lifts skin
- fades scars
- antimicrobial
- anti-inflammatory

Sweet Orange Essential Oils
oils pressed from the rind of the citrus fruit
- anti-inflammatory
- antidepressant
- pain reducer
- antibacterial
- antioxidant
- heals


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