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Revolution Anti-Gravity Device - Anti-Gravity Demonstration with 20 Minute Magnet Levitation Spin

Revolution Anti-Gravity Device - Anti-Gravity Demonstration with 20 Minute Magnet Levitation Spin

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You'll waste hours playing with this Revolution Anti-Gravity device

This Revolution Anti-Gravity device is the reason we were so late getting the new shipments on the website this week. We couldn't stop playing with it! This fascinating anti-gravity demonstration works on the principle of repelling magnets, the same principle behind Maglev Trains. With a simple twist of the fingers, the axle spins horizontally in a levitated position and state of near-perpetual motion for up to 20 minutes. Black and white reflecting strips on the axle let you observe the patterns created by the alternating colors and to measure rotation speed using a stroboscope (not included).

The device comes with a base and a levitating spinner rod. The base has a piece of glass one one end that the tip of the spinner rod contacts while spinning. The spinner and base are carefully constructed to let the spinner float (levitate) above the base while pushing the sharp metal tip against the piece of glass. Start the spin with your finger and the spinner will rotate freely appearing to not slow down. Most spins last several minutes but technically it's advertised as spinning up to 20 minutes with a single twist. I've yet to get it to spin that long but several minutes is pretty common.

• Batteries are not required
• Approx. 5″ L x 2.5″ W x 3″ H


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