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24 pc. Lock Picking Tools - Multi-function advanced lock pick set, with bag, and clear practice lock

24 pc. Lock Picking Tools - Multi-function advanced lock pick set, with bag, and clear practice lock

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Knowledge is the key and this lock pick set will ensure you're not locked out and left behind

If you've never owned a lock pick set, stop reading and buy this one now. They are loads of fun and a cool skillset to show off. This set from our underground accessories section, includes 24 quality pieces with a case and a clear practice lock that lets you see the action of the pins while you pick the lock.

This toolkit includes the following lock picking tools (see picture below):

1-5: Double side wafer picks

Double-sided wafer picks are used to pick wafer locks like desk drawers or filing cabinets. This lock pick set includes five double sided wafer lock picks.

6-14: Rake picks

Rake picks have multiple peaks. A rake pick with two peaks is a double peak rake while a rake with three picks is a triple peak rake (also known as a Bogota rake). The humps and bumps of the rake pick help them manipulate as many pins as possible in the shortest amount of time. This lock pick set includes nine rake lock picks.

15-20: Hook picks

Hook picks have a hook-shaped tip. They are sometimes referred to as a "feeler" or "finger". They are precision lock picks and ideal when you have to pick a lock one pin at a time. This lock pick set includes six hook lock picks.

21-23: Tension wrenches

Tension wrenches are use to apply torque to the lock plug to hold picked pins in place. This lock pick set includes three tension wrenches.

24: Auto tension tool

An auto tension tool provides steady tension. This lock pick set includes one double-sided auto tension tool.

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