Here are the fashion trends you'll be seeing everywhere in 2022.

Here are the fashion trends you'll be seeing everywhere in 2022.

You may have heard COVID killed fashion. Well, you heard wrong. Fashion trends are accelerating this year and given fashion has finally wised up to the fact that good looks come in all shapes and sizes, 2022 should be a great year for those who like looking their best.

Below are the fashion trends you'll be seeing all over in 2022.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats were big with the younger crowd last year but in 2022 they're expected to become popular with the older crowd too as the move back to practical "fishing hats" continues to gain momentum.

Power suits

Although designed to look professional, we'll see power suits emerge in colorful, beautiful designs in 2022.

Baggy loose denim

Comfort is still king in 2022. Loose-fitting denim with low rise waists will continue to gain popularity.

Colorful resin rings

Colorful, practical jewelry that will last a lifetime. You don't have to rely on gold, silver and pearls as your go-to accessories. Colorful resin rings have made a comeback and are expected to be at the top of everyone's list of 2022 fashion trends.


Cardigans will return this year, especially when used as jackets or shackets, as comfort and practicality remain forefront in shopper's minds.

Square-toe shoes

Square-toe shoes with an emphasis on comfort are the new wave and not necessarily with extra-high heels. They can blend in with a head-to-toe neutral look or used as a colorful dress-up for denim jeans. Watch for this style in strappy sandals, boots, pumps, mules, and even flats.

Bright colors

They're calling it "Dopamine Dressing" - a feel-good trend we love (and need). Bright colors are expected to trend upward in 2022 and beyond, especially ultra-bright colors and primary colors like blues and reds and if search terms are accurate, look for electric blue and gradients. This feel-good trend will spill over into zingy knitwear, shirts, party pants, and peppy outerwear. Even tangy orange and lemon yellow could become the new black.


One color in particular seems to be trending up - purple. From Pantone's calming Very Peri to more vibrant, saturated tones, purple will be huge this year. You can go monochrome purple or pair with black, yellow, or orange. And don't forget the purple accessories!

Bright bags

We won't just see vibrant colors in clothing but in accessories such as bags this year. Look for bright orange, green, blue, yellow, and pink colors to explode in popularity as a simple way to add pop to your wardrobe (color with muted tones is always a winner) or as part of a monochrome look. And don't forget, it's okay to let a vivid handbag be the focal point of a dressed down look. Add texture for even more pop.

More fringe

It seems like the fringe fascination just ended but fun-loving times require a style that looks good on the dance floor. To keep from going too "cartoony", pair with modern streamlined pieces and keep it to a minimum. And never style fringe with crafty boho jewelry to keep the look from becoming too matchy-matchy.

Checkerboard patterns

The Checker Yourself trend is breaking out big. You'll see these checked designs on women's clothing, men's suits, and even nails. Traditional black and white paired with bright, eye-catching colors gives a great look. And forget the "never mix prints" rule - it's old and outdated. Pair checkerboard with soft florals, a little houndstooth, and maybe even a few stripes. And if checkerboard is not really your thing, look for checked accessories instead!

Goth goes mainstream

According to some, Goth may go mainstream this year. We're talking black styling to a tee.

Voluminous silhouettes

Oversized shirts and ballooned silhouettes will continue the puff-sleeve trend we saw last year as comfort continues to reign supreme. The voluminous silhouette will likely spill over into pants too. Bigger is better this year, especially with jackets.


Pearl embellishments are popping up everywhere, from skirts and pants to jewelry and sweaters.

What else to expect in 2022 fashion

Although the above 2022 fashion styles are expected to be go-to fashion trends for 2022, there are a few other options that just might catch hold. Look for miniskirts, crotchet details, gingham patterns, and bras as tops. All were seen on the fashion runways this year.

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