How to dress well for Fall weather and stay fashionable

How to dress well for Fall weather and stay fashionable

The change in seasons brings a change in fashion. And no season’s new fashion brings more excitement than Fall. The arrival of cool weather and the change in nature’s encompassing color dictates a few easy-to-follow fashion rules to help you transition from Summer to Fall.

Don’t throw out the Summer clothes yet

When Fall arrives, you can easily extend your Summer outfits into the new season. For instance, take your favorite Summer dress or top, put a cardigan sweater or dark layer over it, and throw on a pair of nice boots for a quick Fall look that uses your summer wear before boxing it up for winter. Don’t box up those accessories either. Summer accessories can carry over to Fall too. A neutral-colored bag looks great with any Fall outfit. And don’t forget sandals. They work in cool weather too.

The key to Fall fashion is layering

The key to Fall fashion is layeringLayering is key to Fall fashion and functional too. Aim for a balance of color, pattern, and texture and limit layering to three layers at most. For instance, sweaters can be layered over tank tops and T-Shirts, blazers can be draped over open shoulder outfits, or go for a funky look with a poncho.

What to wear in the Fall

Besides change in lengths and fabric thickness, the basics are the same as Summer attire with a few additions. Boots are a common Fall fashion accessory. In early Fall, you can start with low shoe-booties. They add a pleasing contrast to pants and dresses. As the season progresses, try over-the-knee boots with a spring-season dress. Hats, which may normally be too hot to wear in the Summer, are the perfect Fall accessory. And with the added bulk from heavier fabrics, bulk up the jewelry to keep things balanced. Chunky necklaces and bracelets for example, complete the look of a thicker outfit.

Fashion colors to use in the Fall

When picking colors for Fall fashion, look to Mother Nature for inspiration. Earth tones such as browns, reds, rusts, and deep oranges are standard but soft blues, greens, and mustardy yellows work well too. Don’t neglect monochrome colors, khaki, and white. For example, try out your little black dress with a long khaki coat and a pair of black or white ankle boots. Plaid patterns are a common Fall staple. However, it doesn’t have to be the standard black and red plaid (although black and red plaid is indeed the most common Fall pattern). Don’t be afraid to mix up non-traditional colors in your plaid pattern. Plaid patterns can be included in dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories.

What to avoid in Fall fashion

There are a few Fall fashion faux paus to avoid. Resist the urge to wear spring-time sparkle and glam. This includes white tennis socks with sandals. You can get away with a hint of shimmer and shine if current fashion trends allow, but don’t overdo it. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to roll up sleeve and cuff pants but it’s not okay to wear short hems that bear mid-section skin. Finally, don’t roll out the winter gear too soon. Go slow. Knit caps and scarves will come out of the closet when the weather cools but don’t wear them all at once too early in the season.

Final notes

Remember, fall can bring unexpected changes in weather. Keep coats and rain boots close by just in case. If all else fails, grab a scarf. A scarf can be used as an accessory with almost any dress to kick off Fall.
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