These expert tips will forever change how you buy, clean, and care for clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories

These expert tips will forever change how you buy, clean, and care for clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories

Whether you call them “words of wisdom” or “fashion hacks,” these expert tips will forever change the way you buy, clean, and care for your clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories.

Care of cashmere

It doesn’t matter what the label says, cashmere is best washed by hand. And cashmere pieces can be dried using a salad spinner.

Removing red wine stains

This seems counterintuitive, but it really works. Use white wine to remove red wine stains.

Tailoring jeans

Before you take your new jeans to the tailor for that wonderful custom fit, wash them – twice.

Preventing mohair shedding

It can seem like mohair and angora shedding can ruin a clothes closet. To prevent shedding, fold the garments and place them in a zip-lock freezer bag. Then freeze for about 3 hours.

Remove odor from clothing

Don’t have time to wash but need to remove odor from clothes? Mix 1 part vodka with 2 parts water and give them a good spritz. This provides just the right amount of alcohol to kill germs and bacteria but not so much that the clothes smell like a bar.

Deodorant stain on a black shirtRemoving white deodorant stains from clothing

It’s happened to us all. In a mad rush to get ready, you throw on a shirt, check yourself in the mirror - and find patches of white deodorant on the sides of your top. Don’t bother trying to wash it off. Instead, rub the powdery stain with the protective foam on coat hangers.

Removing oil stains from a purse

Oil and oily stains on a purse can be a nightmare to remove – unless you know this nifty trick. Spritz with WD-40 first. Then sprinkle the stain with baby powder and let it sit overnight. Repeat again until the stain is removed.

Cleaning diamonds

What good is a diamond that is dirty and dull and lacks sparkle? The easiest and most effective way to clean diamonds is with a toothbrush and liquid detergent.

Organizing your closet by color

There are dozens of ways to organize a closet but one of the simplest is to order clothes from light to dark. This helps the eye follow the colors without undue influence from overwhelming or contrasting colors placed side-by-side.

How to determine a jean's fit without trying them on

We always thought this tip was a myth until we tried it ourselves. You don’t have to try on a pair of jeans to determine if they fit. To estimate how well they will fit, wrap the waistline around your neck. If the ends meet without overlapping, then the jeans will fit. This works because the normal waistline is two-times the diameter of the waist.

Choosing which clothes to get rid of

Here’s a foolproof way to overcome the resistance to getting rid of clothing you no longer need. Go through each item of clothing in your closet and ask yourself if you would buy the same piece today. If not, toss it.

Swimwear and washing machines

It doesn’t matter what the label says – never wash swimwear in a washing machine. The agitation damages the all-important elasticity of the suit. At the end of the season, you can place the swimwear in a garment bag and machine wash using the gentle cycle.

Cubic zirconia ringThe difference in counterfeit and fake

There’s a difference in counterfeit and fake. Fake diamonds are perfectly fine, smart even. Fake handbags however, are not.

Defuzzing a sweater

You can defuzz a sweater using a pumice stone, a type of volcanic rock ordinarily used to remove dry skin. Pumice stones can also boost the soil in a plant, remove unwanted hair, clean pesky pet hair from furniture, and distress jeans.

Trying bright color schemes

Are you worried you can’t pull off bright colors in your outfit? Start with accessories first. Try a bright bracelet, necklace, or other accessory to see how it works. If satisfied, then invest in a brightly colored top.

Removing wax drippings from clothing

Not common but not unheard of – wax drippings on your clothing. Removing wax from clothing can be next to impossible – unless you know this trick. Cover the wax with a piece of wax paper and gently iron until the wax melts and can be dabbed off.

Preventing runs in tights

You can spray tights with hairspray to help prevent runs and holes.

Removing dirt from suede

You can easily remove dirt from suede by rubbing the spot with the edge of a piece of stale bread.

Storing tall boots

Tired of boot tops collapsing in your closet, causing unsightly creases? Put an empty wine bottle inside the boot to keep it upright during storage.

Descuffing suede

You can de-scuff suede with a nail file.

Shiny gold tennis shoesQuick shining shoes

In a pinch, you can put a quick shine on shoes using lotion. Rub lotion on the shoe and gently work in. It will also help preserve the material.

Using tape to keep clothing in place

Double stick tape can be your fashion friend. Use it to shorten a hemline in pinch or keep a plunging neckline or other wary clothing parts in place.

Removing stains from a fabric

To remove a stain from a fabric, always blot, not rub. Rubbing forces the stain deeper into the fabric’s structure causing the spot to spread and become much more difficult to remove.

Removing blood from clothes

Removing blood from clothes can seem hopeless but is easy with this trick. Blot the blood stain with hydrogen peroxide and let sit for one hour. Then rub with a wet cloth.

Removing pills from knit fabrics

Tired of pills on your sweater? Rub with sandpaper to easily remove pills from knit fabrics.

Keep jeans looking brand new

Not into the faded jeans look? Prevent jeans from lightening during washing by adding ½ cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse cycle.

Stretching shoes that are too tight

Here’s a neat trick you can use to stretch shoes that are too tight. Fill two freezer bags with water and stuff one into each shoe. Place the shoe in the freezer overnight. The expansion of frozen water will gently and evenly stretch the shoe’s material.

Replenishing an old coat

Don’t throw out that old coat. Often times an old coat can be freshened up by replacing the buttons and having the lining changed by a tailor.

Breaking in new shoes

New shoes hurting your feet? Wearing a pair of thick socks, put your feet in the shoe and blowdry your feet with a hot blow-dryer.

Removing water marks from leather

Water marks on leather shoes or boots can be removed by adding a few drops of vinegar to cool water and scrubbing the stain with a soft bristle brush.

Stop shoes from squeaking

Avoid the embarrassment of squeaking shoes by removing the insole and coating the bottom of the shoe’s interior with WD40 or Vaseline.

Determine if pearls are real

Here’s a surefire way to tell if pearls are real or fake. Rub them against your teeth. Fake pearls will feel gritty on the teeth while real pearls will feel smooth as silk.

The one area tailors cannot adjust

Tailors can work magic on clothes, making a variety of sizing adjustments on coats and jackets. However, the one area they cannot adjust is the shoulders.

Making leather shine

Make your leather shine with Windex. It will not damage the leather.

Avoid cloth pillowcases for healthier skin and hair

Abrasion from ordinary cloth pillowcases can damage the skin and hair while you sleep. Swap cloth pillowcases with silk covers to keep skin and hair from becoming damaged.

Keep jewelry from getting scuffed

An easy method to keep jewelry from being scuffed, scratched or tarnished is to store them in sealed Ziploc bags.

Protect buttons while ironing

To protect delicate buttons on a piece of clothing while ironing, place a spoon scoop over the button and iron around it.

Remove odor from jeans

Another way to remove odor from jeans, besides washing them, is to place them in a freezer for two days.

Keeping clothes drawers smelling fresh

Wrap an empty perfume bottle in cloth and put in your clothes drawer to embed a gentle, subtle scent into your apparel. This works especially well in your underwear drawer.

Avoiding yellow sweat stains on shirts

To avoid yellow sweat stains on T-Shirts, spray them with lemon juice before washing to prevent stains.

How to remove makeup stains from clothing

A washcloth coated with shaving cream can be rubbed on a shirt collar to remove makeup stains.

Keeping shoes smelling fresh

Sprinkle the insides of your shoes with baking soda to keep them smelling fresh.

Breaking in a new leather jacket

It sounds crazy but you can break in a new leather jacket by wearing it in the rain. Water naturally softens the leather allowing it to shape and form over your body’s natural curves.

Pulling a loose thread

Pulling a loose thread doesn’t have to be a nightmarish event. Use tweezers to gently coax stitches at the sides of the pulled thread.

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